Library of La Rioja launches new service of loan of tablets in collaboration with Ministry Education

The Library of La Rioja has launched a new service of a loan of tablets to facilitate access to electronic devices as instruments to support the dissemination of reading, thanks to a collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, through of the General Subdirectorate of Library Coordination- online payday loans no credit check same gadcapital.

Specifically, the Library of La Rioja, in its capacity as State Public Library, has received 10 tablets that will be available to users within its facilities. All those who have a reader card of the Library System of La Rioja and can be used for two hours a day in our library will be able to request them.

Users can use the tablet for multiple activities: reading e-books, comic books, browsing the internet, consulting and editing office documents, phone calls and video conferences, music playback, viewing videos and movies and camera and video.

This new service aims to enhance the use of technological resources available in the Library of La Rioja and contribute to the development of the Information and Knowledge Society.

International Day of the Library

The Library of La Rioja is added to the International Day of the Library that is celebrated on October 24 with different activities.

Specifically, the following activities have been organized:

‘Back to school with the explorers: Spirou’. The activity will begin with the reading of the comic of Spirou and the bubble men. Later, questions will be asked about the content and some drawings will be colored. It will take place in the children’s room from 18 to 19.00 hours by Natalia García and is aimed at children from 4 to 10 years old.

To enjoy this activity you can sign up from 10 am on Saturday morning, both in the Library itself and by phone, by calling 941 294 502, up to 15 minutes before the activity time. The places are limited.

Storytelling in languages: ‘Il gioco delle differenze. I tre briganti ‘. It is a storyteller offered by the Popular University of Logroño, with the aim of approaching other languages from a playful and current perspective so that the learning of foreign languages is perceived as a fun activity and as a means to know other stories, cultures, realities. It will take place in the Children’s Room at 11.30 h. at 13.00 h and is aimed at children from 5 to 8 years old.

First, you will play to look for the differences with ‘Il gioco delle differenze’, by Hervé Tullet. Then the children can meet three ferocious bandits with wide black capes and tall black hats, with ‘I tre briganti de Tomi Ungerer‘.

Workshops of magic and balloon twisting

These workshops, organized by the company Más Que magic, focus on balloon twisting classes, in which children learn to model balloons in a thousand and one different ways, and magic workshops where they will stimulate their visual perception, skill, creativity and communication with others. people. In addition, the games will be dramatized to become magicians actors and provide a better artist and improvisation capacity.

It will be held from 11.45 to 14.00 hours in the Reading Club Room and will cost 10 euros per person. The capacity is limited to 20 seats for a family audience, which will be covered in order of arrival.

 In the edition of bookpensadores la Rioja

Money Loan 

This activity, organized by the Canfranc Foundation and the Library of La Rioja, is held from tomorrow until October 31 in the Children’s Room.

Each loan copy of the Libraries of La Rioja, Haro and Calahorra and each purchase in the Santos Ochoa Bookstores of Logroño, represent one euro for the Canfranc Foundation project for the training of women and young people in Guatemala. It is about carrying out a charitable initiative through books.

Available in the Exhibition Hall until October 29. It is made by Valle Camacho Matute. Your visiting hours are from Monday to Sunday, from 12.00 h. at 14.00 h. and from 17.00 h. at 21.00 h.

Valle Camacho is an illustrator and calligrapher and directs the Taller de Caligrafía Medieval de Logroño. It is a conceptual exhibition/installation about the work of Teresa de Ávila, through illustrations and calligraphies in different supports from the texts of her work Las Moradas.

The set consists of twelve works, of which some are drawings in pencil and ink on parchment, others, texts calligraphy in white on black and vice versa, and stamping of types in burlap with capitulars.