THE BOYS / (Baby) It’s You (Co-directed with Jeremy Galante and Brad Pattullo)

THE ROCHESTER PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA / Don’t Miss It! (Co-directed with Jeremy Galante)

Sniffles (Co-directed with Jeremy Galante)

THE GIRLS / Winter Wonderland (with Adam Netsky and Jeremy Galante)

THE GIRLS / Keenan at Sea (Co-directed with Jeremy Galante)

THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS / We Live in a Dump (Co-directed with Liesja Kraai )

THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS / Put It To the Test (Co-directed with Jeremy Galante)

THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS / Cells (Co-directed with Jeremy Galante)

THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS / Why Does the Sun Really Shine? (Co-directed with Liesja Kraai and Hine )

THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS / Science Is Real (Co-directed with Andy Kennedy )

THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS / The Ballad of Davy Crockett (in Outer Space!) (Co-directed with Tiny Inventions)

THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS / The Mesopotamians (with animator Chris Timmons)

THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS / 7 Days of the Week (I Never go to Work) (Co-directed with Sean McBride)

THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS / The Number 2 (with Director of Photography Tim Brown)

THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS / I Can Add (Co-directed with Adam Sacks)

THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS / Triops Has 3 Eyes (with animator Phil Lockerby at Flickerlab)

FRANK DeBLASE / “Busted Valentine” (Written by Frank DeBlase )

SIGMA MARKETING GROUP promo (Co-directed with Hasam Odom)

THE ROCHESTER PHILHARMONIC / “A Family for Baby Grand” (Co-directed with Liesja Kraai )

THE DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE / RocDeals commercial (Co-directed with Jeremy Galante)

R.I.T. AND THE DEMOCRAT & CHRONICLE / Picture the Impossible Trailer ( with animator Thomas Smolenski )

SKITTERVILLE intro (Produced with Flickerlab)

FAXTON-ST. LUKE’S commercial (with Jeremy Galante)

H2O HERO PSA (with animator Jeremy Galante) and the proposed animatic for the next episode

SUPERFUNK & FREAKY-DEE: Lunch Lady 3K / Christmas Special

TATTOO TOWN : ‘Stache / Mama’s Boy / Eightball’s Afire

HOLLYWORLD: That Was No Lady (Part 1) (Part 2)

TRUE-LIFE CHILDHOOD TALES : Optometrist Be Not Proud / Angoraphobia


BUY BUY BUNNY: Trippin ‘ Bunnies